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Staybull Flooring™, Eco-friendly Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Staybull Flooring™

Created using reclaimed hardwood strips and eco-friendly glues and finishes, Brazilian Cherry Staybull Flooring™ is both VOC Free and the perfect choice for your green floor.

The reclaimed hardwood strips are selected for their quality and beauty, so a Staybull™ floor is longer-lasting and more visually appealing than any other recycled flooring option. Because it uses genuine hardwood, Staybull Flooring ™ will outperform and outlast bamboo or engineered flooring. How? The unique manufacturing process known in the woodworking world as "edge-gluing" create a plank that resists cupping, twisting, and has more structural integrity that solid, wide-plank flooring.

If you decide to go with Staybull™ Brazilian Cherry flooring, you will be creating a lively, dynamic upscale space and you will help out the environment. So what are you waiting for? Buy Brazilian Cherry Staybull Flooring™ today!

Brazilian Cherry Staybull Flooring™ in a Home