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Brazilian Cherry Facts

Brazilian Cherry Tree

Want to know more about the wood that goes into this gorgeous flooring? Read on to learn some interesting facts about the Brazilian Cherry tree.

Although it is called Brazilian Cherry, the tree also grows in Central America and the Caribbean. There is another bit of misinformation resulting from the name: Brazilian Cherry is not actually a cherry tree, and has no relation to the common American cherry species. The tree can grow to reach heights of 120 feet, and trunk diameters of over six feet.

The tree produces flowers and a small fruit that is edible, but releases a pungent odor. In some areas this overwhelming smell has earned it the names Stinking Toe, Old Man's Toe, and Stinktoe. However, in spite of the odor, the fruits as well as the leaves and wood have been used in the field of alternative medicine. Brazilian Cherry products have been used to treat diarrhea and bronchitis, as well as fungal infections. The leaves, flowers, and fruit can be turned into a sort of energy drink.

Of course, the most popular and well-known use for this wood remains hardwood flooring. Check out our line of solid floors.

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